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Don’t Overload Your Power Points

With more electrical devices in the average home than ever, it’s not hard to overload a breaker. It could be that you’ve got too many appliances hooked into one outlet or a wiring issue. At the end of the day, it’s about circuits, your electrical panel, power points.

We’re not talking about the software. A power point refers to an outlet, which can overload if you have too many electrical demands on it. Once an overload happens, anything plugged into that outlet will turn off. Unfortunately, it could blow a fuse that needs replacing or damage equipment.

The good news is that a lot of modern electrical appliances have steps in place to avoid an electrical fire. Your electrical panel probably shuts off automatically if it senses an overload. There are many things you can do to reduce electrical demand or blow a fuse.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

When you’ve got a power point that’s being overloaded, there are several signs to watch for. Some of the most common issues are:

  1. Lights cutting in and out or flickering
  2. A burning smell or singed outlet
  3. Slow charging for devices
  4. Buzzing or a low hum sound from your outlet

All of these can indicate that your power point has too many things plugged in, or too many that use a lot of electricity. When that happens, you should make use of multiple outlets. A rule of thumb is to connect a single large appliance per outlet.

That means your microwave shouldn’t be plugged into the same point as your toaster. If you’re short on outlets, you have the option to use a power strip. While our team at Turner On Services can always install and wire new outlets, you might get by with a power strip.

The biggest danger there is that it makes it easier to overload a circuit with more plugs. Multiple small devices might work, though. When not in use, you can always turn off the power strip and prevent passive electricity loss.

If you use a power strip, we recommend a surge protector. It’s also good to check the amps your strip or protector is capable of. Our experts can help if you have any questions or need more outlets for your electrical appliances, so give us a call today!

Due for an Upgrade?

If you’re careful with your power points and still dealing with an overloaded system, it could be that your electrical panel is outdated. There are many reasons you might need a better panel. You could have a fuse box, especially if your home is 20 or more years old.

These weren’t intended for the amp requirements of modern households. An older electrical panel can also have fewer circuits or have a lower amp capacity. Whatever the case, an overloaded panel could lead to an electrical fire or damaged devices.

Local Electrical Panel Replacement

The danger of the former is obvious, but damaged appliances can be expensive to replace or fix. Turner On Services has a team of experts that can do all of those things or upgrade your electrical panel to avoid issues completely.

Power points could also overload if the wiring is worn down, done wrong, or made with knob or tube. We can rewire your home and help you relax in comfort knowing you’re safer. If you need any of our electrical services, give us a call today for an inspection!

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