It Could Be Time for an Outlet Replacement

Most modern households use a lot of electricity, which means wear on your outlets. Whether it’s improper wiring, an outdated electrical panel, or more appliances, you could overload your circuit. Unfortunately, they can wear out over time, too.

If left alone, your home or business could be in danger of an electrical fire or damaged devices. The good news is that there are several signs to watch for to know it’s time for a new outlet. One obvious sign is if the outlet stops working completely.

It could just be a tripped breaker, and you should check if the other outlets work. That’s just the start of things to watch for, though. Turner On Services can help with outlet replacement when the time comes, so give us a call if you spot anything!

Trust Your Senses

The five senses can tell us a lot about things in our everyday lives. What you might not know is that your sight, smell, touch, and hearing can help avoid electrical disaster. Look at your outlets from time to time and pay attention to singed marks around the cover.

Darkened plates could mean that the outlet wiring is sparking or the circuit is shorting out. Avoid using that outlet until it’s been replaced. Likewise if you notice physical damage to the outlet cover. This could let dust or other particles inside to collect.

Once that plug is used, the gathered dust could cause an arc flash of 1,000 degrees. You should also feel your outlet when you’re using it to make sure it’s not hot or warm. If it is, that could mean an issue with the wiring.

Any improper or worn out wiring can cause an electrical fire, so replacing the outlet might not be enough. Among our many services, Turner On Services can replace or rewire your home. You should also call us if you smell anything burning or notice a spark when you plug something in. Here are some of the other common issues that could need outlet replacement by our professionals:

  1. If your outlet is loose and plugs keep falling out, it could be that it’s worn out. This can lead to sparks or an electrical fire.
  2. Grounded outlets have 3 holes as opposed to 2. If your outlet isn’t grounded, it could be more susceptible to overloading from a lightning storm or appliances that use a lot of amps. We strongly recommend letting us install grounded outlets.
  3. You should update any outlets that were there with a home you’ve bought recently. Outdated outlets could be dangerous.
  4. A charger that cuts in and out or any kind of breaking circuit could mean there’s a problem. It could be that the outlet’s worn down or damaged, or there could be a short circuit. 

If you notice any of these signs or have any concerns about your outlets, we can replace or repair them. Just call us today and get started with an estimate!

Upgrade Your Outlets

Surge Protection

A lot of homes have older outlets or haven’t heard of a ground fault circuit interrupter. These GFCI outlets are more resistant to electrical shock and moisture. We recommend letting us install these in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen.

They can prevent an electrical fire or short circuit from occurring. Most GFCI outlets can last around a decade, so even if you have them you might need to replace them after a while. It never hurts to have your outlets inspected by a professional, either. GFCI outlets have extra safety features in place to prevent a power surge. If they detect any signs of an overloaded circuit, they turn off automatically. Whether you need to replace your outlets or let us upgrade them, give us a call now and schedule your inspection!

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