Electricity Myth

Electricity: Fact or Fiction?

Since it was discovered, electricity has become integral to almost every home. With modern technology becoming more common than ever, electricity is basically a necessity. However, like everything else, there are always rumors and confusion.

For starters, electricity has weight in a sense. That’s because electrons run through a current and they have mass. While it’s miniscule, as in .054% of a neutron’s mass small, electricity is often mislabeled as weightless.

Turner On Services has the experts to set the record straight and give more information on the thing that powers your everyday life. From insulation to speed, we’re here to give you the facts. Keep reading to find out more, or call us today to get started with any of our services!

All About Insulation

Another topic we see a lot with electricity is insulation. More specifically, a lot of people are told that rubber or wood are better materials to insulate a current. The truth is that a lot of materials can act as insulators, because they don’t conduct electricity.

Anything that doesn’t continue an electric current can insulate the flow of electricity. This is a huge safety measure, so we know it well. While wood and rubber are great insulation, it’s not entirely correct to say they’re the best.

That’s because a lot of rubber found in your daily life, like shoes or gloves, aren’t pure materials. They usually have something synthetic in the mixture, which makes them less effective than pure rubber.

Wood can technically conduct electricity, especially once it gets wet. We wouldn’t recommend using wood to hold in a current. On that note, we also see a lot of ideas about power lines. Contrary to popular belief, power lines don’t need to be insulated.

In fact, the majority of power lines don’t have any insulation. Part of the reasoning is cost, because it’s very expensive, but it’s also about protection. Aside from a coating to resist weather, power lines don’t really need anything extra to be safe.

How Fast Can it Go, Really?

We’ve all seen cartoons where electricity moves in an instant. Our team has worked with electricity for a long time, though, so we know the facts. Electricity is extremely fast, but it’s not faster than light. In comparison, light travels 100 times faster than your electrical current.

With that said, electricity goes over 1,000 miles per hour. So, while it can get from your electrical panel to the various parts of your home quickly, it’s still not “faster than light,” as so many things depict.

There are a lot more facets and myths regarding electricity that you might be interested in. We completely understand wanting to know more about the thing that powers your appliances and causes anything from a blackout to an electrical fire.

Electricity Facts in Clermont County

Because it can be such a fickle thing, it’s important to know who to trust when you need help. If you need repairs or replacements for your electrical appliances, you should always work with a professional like Turner On Services.

We can handle all of the above, as well as rewiring or even just a safety inspection to give you peace of mind. If you want to know more about electricity or schedule any of our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today and let us show you why we’re the best!

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