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Let Us Help with Your Electrical Design 

When you’re planning to remodel your home, there are several things to take into consideration. One thing that a lot of homeowners have trouble with is the electrical design.

Part of that is because you might not know all of your lighting options and most people don’t know wiring. Turner On Services has a team of electrical experts. We keep up with all of the light fixtures that hit the market, so that you don’t have to.

That means we know the best products to recommend. We’ve also got the wiring experience you’ll need to make sure everything is safe and efficient.

The key word there is safe, because improper wiring can be dangerous. It can damage your appliances or lead to a house fire. The worst part is that electrical fires can happen at any time, so it really comes down to knowing the wiring is done right in the first place. Having enough outlets in the right place can help with that. The same goes for getting an electrical panel upgrade to accommodate your electrical needs.

More light fixtures means you’ll need more circuits and power, after all. Designing the perfect lighting in your home needs to work in tandem with your wiring. That’s why we always recommend a professional. When you’re looking for someone that will work fast and help you through the planning and installation process, Turner On Services is here!

Room by Room Design 

Each room in your home will have different lighting demands because you’ll have different purposes. Your kitchen tends to have more high-energy appliances, like ovens and the refrigerator. These need to be on separate circuits to avoid an overload. The same goes for any appliance that gives off heat, like the toaster or coffee maker.

Another way to help with your circuits is with the right electrical panel installation. On the other hand, your living room might only need a few outlets for entertainment devices and basic lighting. We’ll help you come up with a lighting plan for each room. You might want a light over the kitchen sink, but your living room may work with just a lamp and ceiling fan.

Our expert electricians understand that the layout of your room will play a role in the light design. Larger rooms will need more lighting, with access to more outlets. Some light fixtures also need special wires, because they don’t use outlets. That’s not even getting into the smaller, specific lights for ovens and cabinets. To make things easier, give Turner On Services a call today!

Planning for the Future 

When it comes to your lighting design, we’ll also keep in mind your furniture layout. Many homeowners love to move around the furniture to create an open space, but sometimes it blocks outlets. Knowing where you plan to put things can help our team find a workaround. The type of furniture can also be helpful, because a desk in your office will obviously need an outlet for a computer or printer.

Something else that many people don’t think about is holiday decorations and gatherings. With many of these events, things get moved around to make room. You might also want an outlet specifically where you plan to put up a tree or string lights. If you know you’ll want a table in the corner, we can wire an outlet to be close by.

When you’re trying to create the perfect home lighting for you, you’ve come to the right place. Turner On Services will design a unique layout of wiring and lighting that will give you the space you want!

Electrical Master Equipment On House Plans.
Electrical Master Equipment On House Plans

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