Electrical Wiring

Your Wiring Might Need an Update

When homes were built before the 1990’s, they didn’t have as many things to consider when it came to electricity. Many of them have fuse boxes, which were only meant to handle 1,000 amps.

Unfortunately, modern homes usually use twice that. While you might want to think about getting an electrical panel upgrade, there are other concerns. Outdated wiring was done with aluminum or copper wires.

Sometimes they also used knob and tube for the house electrical wiring. All but the copper can be dangerous. If you live in an older home, you could be at risk for wiring problems. These can limit the efficiency of appliances, but they could also put you in danger of an electrical fire.

Turner On Services can update your wiring, so don’t hesitate if you think you have aluminum wires.

Let Us Replace Your Wiring

Most wiring that’s done now used copper, because that’s what the Electrical Safety Authority recommends. According to them, aluminum wiring can be safe as long as it’s installed properly and the wires aren’t damaged. One reason we suggest upgrading from aluminum, though, is because of your appliances.

A lot of newer devices aren’t compatible with aluminum wiring, so they lose efficiency and might cause an arc flash. These can be 1,000 degrees and cause a fire at any time. It’s important to call us about your wiring problems, but we don’t live there.

Here are some of the most common signs that your wires are causing electrical arcs:

  1. Light switches are darker or discolored
  2. Your light bulbs go out faster than usual
  3. You smell burning Outlets or light switches feel warm
  4. Lights flicker on and off, cut off randomly, or aren’t as bright Circuits trip more often

If you notice any of those things, you and your home could be at-risk. We’ve got a team of electrical experts to replace your outdated wiring or give you an electrical panel upgrade to handle more amps. Call us today for a free inspection to start feeling safer!

Why Should You Upgrade Your Wiring?

While aluminum wiring can be safe if it’s installed and wired by a professional, there are other things to consider. We always recommend a professional electrician for your wiring to get the most out of your home. In fact, some insurance companies won’t accept a claim if you don’t use a pro.

Insurance can also be hard to renew if you don’t have an expert inspection, which is why we offer a free inspection. Any electrical issue our team finds, we can help repair, replace, or install.

To make sure that you’re covered just in case, call Turner On Services today!

Electrical Considerations When Renovating Your Home

Outdated Knob and Tube Wiring

We’ve talked about copper being the current wiring and why you should upgrade from aluminum. However, old wires were knob and tube. This type of wiring doesn’t have a ground wire, so there’s no space for plugs with 3 prongs.

If you’re not familiar, ground wires can help prevent electrical shocks. They’re also useful to avoid electrical fires from arcing. Newer wires have all of the wiring contained together, but knob and tube wiring has the wires in two separate cables. With more technology and electrical appliances, the chances of electrical trouble have increased.

Not being able to plug in a ground wire makes that risk go even higher, which can lead to appliance damages or electrical fires. It can also be dangerous for insulation to be installed on top of knob and tube wiring. Knob and tube wires have built-in insulation with rubber and cloth. This gives off a lot of heat when it’s using power. Insulation on top of it will give the heat nowhere to escape.

If you live in an older home, it’s always good to have a routine inspection done. Our professional electricians will make sure that you’re safe and everything is running smoothly. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you today when you call Turner On Services!

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