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Avoiding Hazards in Clermont County, OH

There are a lot of things that can happen to your home’s electricity. While wiring and electrical panel replacement can be a major issue, sometimes it’s more natural. Bad storms bring lightning and power surges that can wreak havoc on your electrical systems.

  1. When you have a lightning storm, there are several things that you can do to minimize your risk of an electrical shock. Here are a few steps to take or things to avoid: Don’t take a bath or shower.
  2. Stay away from plumbing.
  3. Avoid using the sink.

You might have noticed that they all have water in common. Since it’s a conductor of electricity, anything to do with water should be avoided around lightning. Pipes and plumbing can become especially conductive because of the addition of metal.

While the toilet is usually made of porcelain, it’s still best to wait until a thunderstorm is over to use the bathroom. Electric shock can be dangerous, or even fatal. The longer you’re connected to an electrical surge, the more damage it can do to your body.

If you want to know more ideas to stay safe in a storm, feel free to contact an electrician near me. Turner On Services has a team of experts ready to help with any electrical question or issue, so give us a call today!

Be Prepared for Lightning!

Lightning strikes aren’t just dangerous for a shock or power outage. The electrical surge they can cause could damage appliances. This can get expensive, between repairs and replacements. 

To keep that from happening, you can unplug your devices and use surge protectors in your home. If the storm’s bad enough that it knocks out your power, you might need to turn off the circuits and your main breaker. 

There’s also the danger of an electrical fire, so caution is the best option. Treat your electronics the same way you will water during a storm. Otherwise, you could get zapped or worse. Anything connected to the landline could connect you to a surge if lightning strikes. 

If you have any questions or want more information, call us today!

Protecting Yourself During a Flood

Of course, when it comes to natural events, lightning storms aren’t the only thing to worry about. While you can avoid water during that scenario, flooding puts water into your home. Since you have electricity and wiring, flooding can be extremely dangerous. 

The best choice is to avoid a building that’s flooded. If you know the power’s off, that’s different, but it’s still best to steer clear. That’s not always an option, though, if you live there. Still, there are steps you can take to prevent flooding or an electrical hazard. 

If you know bad weather’s imminent, turn off the power to your electrical panel. Remember to start with the individual circuits before shutting off the breaker switch. It’s also recommended to unplug your appliances and set anything higher that you can lift. 

Thunderstorm in Clermont County

After the flooding has receded, don’t use any electronics that were water-logged. Let one of our electricians in Clermont County, OH give them a professional inspection first. This goes for devices, lighting, outlets, and many others. Our main goal is your safety and security. 

With our experience, Turner On Services will give you a thorough inspection anytime you need it. We also provide routine maintenance and replacements, so call us today if you need electrical services of any kind!

Don’t hesitate to ask about our lighting servicesgenerator installation services, and smart home technology!

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