Electrical Panel Replacement in Batavia OH

You Might Need a New Electrical Panel Installation

A lot of homeowners don’t realize how important the right electrical panel can be. That’s because many people don’t know that their panel controls all of the power output in their home. Every electrical appliance and device relies on your panel to function properly.

Without an effective electrical panel, your appliances might not run as well. Devices can charge slower and lights can flicker on and off. Those are the better outcomes, too. At the worst, your appliances can get damaged from working too hard or your circuits can get overloaded.

Damaged appliances will need to be replaced, plus you’ll end up spending more on the electric bill for the same results. Overloaded circuits can cause a spark, which is related to many electrical fires. There are a lot of safety and efficiency reasons for an electrical panel upgrade.

This is especially true if you have an older home. When houses were being built in the 1980’s and before, they didn’t have the same technology that we do now. In many cases, a fuse box was all they needed to function, but times have changed.

An electrical panel installation is generally good for about 25 years, though it’s recommended to think about a replacement after 10. Either way, there are some outdated panels that should be updated with a modern panel option.

Common Outdated Electrical Panels

Because they were popular in the mid-1900’s, Federal Pacific Electric, or FPE, panels can be found in many homes built prior to the 90’s. Unfortunately, they’re not safe anymore. Modern security features on electrical panels cause them to trip when they’re overloaded or shorted.

Another of the electrical panels we have to change out a lot are from Zinsco. They’re also called GTE-Sylvania panels, but they were common during the 70’s. While they’re no longer operational, they installed panels throughout the country.

Outdated panels are mostly unsafe because they lack newer security features. In the case of Zinsco, they tend to melt the “bus bar” and prevent it from tripping. FPE and Zinsco panels don’t have that safety feature, so they can overload and cause an electrical fire in your home. 

The worst part is that electrical fires can spark at any time, so it might be years after the electrical panel installation. To make matters worse, FPE panels don’t necessarily turn off a circuit when you turn it off. 

This has led to several people being shocked or electrocuted by accident. To know if you have an FPE panel, it might be on the outside or you might see Stab-Loc on the inside. Zinsco can be anywhere on the panel, though you might also spot GTE-Sylvania as a rebranding.

While there’s no guarantee that your panel isn’t safe, it’s still a good idea to think about an electrical panel upgrade. If nothing else, you deserve peace of mind to know you’re safe. Call our experts at Turner On Services and let us take a look today!

Other Panels that Need Updated

If you still have a fuse box in your home, you should get an electrical panel upgrade immediately. 

That’s because fuse boxes were designed for homes back when they only needed 1,000 amps of power or less.

With more technology and appliances, modern homes use an average of double that. This can cause overloaded circuits, electrical fires, faulty wiring, or damaged appliances.

A fuse box is extremely unsafe and you might save on your electric bill with an electrical panel upgrade.

Electrical Panel Replacement

You should also replace your split-bus electrical panels. These are common, but they don’t meet current safety codes. That’s because they don’t have a central disconnect feature, with 6 “main” breakers instead.

While they’re not inherently dangerous, split-bus electrical panels are at least 4 decades old. That’s way past the efficiency of modern electrical panel installations. Not only will they not trip when overloaded, but you could be missing out on electrical savings.

If you have any of the panels we’ve talked about, give us a call today! Turner On Services has experience with the best products from lasting manufacturers. You can get more out of your electrical panel, feel safer, and increase your home’s value with an electrical panel upgrade!

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