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Get More With Smart Home Rewiring

With more electrical needs and interests, technology has come a long way. One of the most common trends that our customers have wanted is smart home devices.

There are a lot of smart home options with several possible benefits to you and your home. You can start with one or go all-in and let an electrician near me install multiple technologies.

Whatever you want, we recommend hiring a professional. Turner On Services has a team of experts that keeps track of trends and upgrades, so we’ll help you every step of the way. Life is about convenience and comfort.

You can get more from your home with smart technology. You can save time or money by controlling things remotely.

One reason to work with us is we know all of the options for appliances and devices. You can choose to upgrade anything from your thermostat and cameras to sprinklers and locks. If you’re into fitness, you can even keep better track of your health.

Whatever you want, we can do your smart home rewiring!

If you’re not familiar with it, smart home technology is becoming more and more popular. By 2025, it’s estimated that over 400 million homeowners will have a smart home system, according to a 2022 report by Statista.

One of the main reasons that many homes adopt smart home technology is the savings. Using the Internet, you can control various electronics throughout your house at the push of a button or with your voice. With an electrician near me, we can show you how to program your smart home.

Scheduled technologies have more potential to save you money in the long run. Let Turner On Services work with you and your budget to upgrade your home today!

New Smart Home Wiring in Clermont County

Benefits of Smart Home Rewiring

There are many ways that a smart home can improve your daily life. Financial savings are always nice, but that’s just the beginning. You can increase your home’s security, reduce damage to the environment, and beyond. In fact, a lot of insurance companies will offer homeowners as much as twenty percent off their annual policies.

When you work with Turner On Services as your electrician near me, our team will help you decide on the best smart home technologies for your needs. We can tell you all about your options and take care of the installation process.

It’s important that you let a professional handle the wiring, because improper wiring can cause an electrical fire. It can also make things less efficient, which defeats the purpose of getting more. The first thing we’ll do is find out more about your lifestyle and interests. With so many smart home technologies to offer, we want to customize your home.

If you get cold easily or live in a hot climate, you might want to control your thermostat remotely. We care about your comfort. If you work a night job or have a hard day at work, you might want the lights on or relaxing music when you walk in the door.

Smart homes can also schedule your sprinklers to get you the most out of your water usage. By avoiding the sunlight, water won’t evaporate before it hits the ground. Another appliance you can control is your air conditioning.  This can save on your electric bill, which adds up over time.

Lighting and electronics is another big part of your home savings. LED lights are more energy-efficient, which can last longer and save on power consumption. You can set these and devices, like consoles and televisions, to turn off automatically. 

Convenient Smart Home Rewiring

With smart phones and smart watches, you can improve your daily life and fitness goals. You can remotely check security cameras on your smart devices at work or on the way home.

If you don’t have things scheduled, you can also adjust things the same way. If you had your system programmed for a hot day and it ended up cooling down, you can change the thermostat or other electronics. As long as it’s a smart home technology with an Internet connection, you can set your devices to control it from a distance.

You can adjust your sprinklers to operate based on the plants on your property or how much sun your home gets. By using camera systems, you can also check on your kids or parents if you need to. Advanced camera technologies, like Wellcam, allow video and audio to work both ways in real-time.

You can even connect your systems together, so that emergencies like pendants and wristbands can send out an alert.

Photo of easy smart Home Wiring in Batavia OH

Feel Safer with Smart Home Rewiring

Being able to check on the people in your home remotely obviously has its safety benefits. If you’re using a babysitter, you can check on your kids or make sure they’re behaving.

If you’re on a vacation, you can also watch the security cameras to know your home is safe. With an electrician near me, you can get a live feed for security without delay. That kind of real-time security gives you peace of mind that your property is safe. You can check this remotely, or to know that you’re safe at night when you go to bed.

If you’re not home when your kids get out of school, you can know when they’re home safe. Another benefit is that you can check the alarm system and turn it on or off with the touch of a button. You can do this 24/7, so smart home rewiring is a great investment.

Smart Home Technology in Clermont County

You can also control the appliances in your home using smart home technology. Some of the modern updates are stoves and grills. They have a security function to turn off automatically if they sense something like a gas leak or risk of carbon monoxide in your home. This can prevent a house fire or poisonous gas, so a smart home could save your life.

Of course, detecting leaks isn’t just about your appliances. There are sensors that our team at Turner On Services can put throughout your property to ensure your safety. We can also install a contact sensor on appliances like freezers and refrigerators to let you know they didn’t close all the way. While that’s not a safety issue, it can save on your electric bill. 

Smart Home Technology As a Deterrent

Another reason to choose smart technology is the motion activation. There are a number of options to increase your home’s security, like floodlights and cameras.

WIth motion-detecting technology, they’ll only turn on when they sense movement. This is perfect if you work a night job or get home when it’s dark. You’ll have an easier time finding your keys and know that you’re safe. It can also conserve battery use and save you on your electric bill. Motion activation can also cut down on the number of false alerts you get from your security system.

Our team of licensed electricians can help you program your cameras to recognize you and anyone else that frequently goes to your house. A big part of working with a professional is that we know about smart home technology installation. Newer models can analyze any video that’s captured.

Smart Home Technology in Batavia OH

Your security system can figure out if the movement is caused by a person, vehicle, or an animal. This can further reduce how often you get a false alarm. Even better news is that these motion activated lights and cameras respond immediately for real-time protection of you and your property.

You can even choose a security system that reacts similar to that of a police response. Some lighting can flash red with sirens using specific LED bulbs and audio equipment. This added safety measure can deter criminal activity and keep you and your family safe, so call us today!

Let Us Be Your Electrician Near Me

It’s always good to get started on a trend at the early stage. Smart home technology installation already has so much to offer for benefits and options. You can choose from numerous appliances and connections, so you’ll have a lot of decisions.

We’re here to help with you from narrowing down the best technology for your needs to correctly installing everything. We also keep track of the way things are updating, because technology is always advancing.

As more homeowners and companies invest in smart home upgrades, the market expands. Money means that more technology will be made and offered, so you’re literally becoming a part of the future. That’s a future that you’re helping, too, since smart home technology can conserve resources and help the planet. Whichever way you look at it, that Statista report proves that smart home rewiring is a growing business.

To get started today, give us a call and let us help you!

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