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Feel Safer with an Electrician in Batavia, OH

There’s a good chance that your home runs on electricity. With more devices and appliances than ever, a lot can go wrong. A small problem can become bigger, so it’s important to get things fixed.

That’s where Turner On Services comes in! While there can be signs of an issue, it’s best to get a routine inspection. That way we can catch anything that’s wrong before it grows.

A lot of people know that wiring can short-circuit, but they don’t know that bad wiring can cause a fire. Sometimes, electric problems are out of your control, too.

Whenever you need help, our team of electric experts has you covered. Give us a call today at 513-835-5149 and schedule your free inspection and estimate!

Expert Electrician in Batavia, OH

When you’re looking for a trustworthy company, you might check online. Our customers love us and leave all kinds of positive reviews for our services. Feel free to see what they have to say!

It’s important to know what people think of the results. Our customers are satisfied with our work, but they also talk about what we offer. We do it all, but these are frequent services that we’re asked for:

  1. Outdoor security light installation
  2. Recessed lighting
  3. Electrical panel replacement and repair
  4. Attic or ceiling fan installation
  5. Transfer switches connected to portable generators
  6. Installation, wiring, or repair of light fixtures
  7. Generator and appliance repair or installation
  8. Electrical switch wiring or grounding
  9. Outlet repair and replacement
  10. Emergency electrician