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Top Electrical Panel Replacement in Mainville, OH

When it comes to appliances, your electrical panel is arguably the most important. It controls the power going into your home, which means that it gets used more than anything.

With all of that use, though, your panel can wear out. Over time, it can become less efficient or overloaded. This puts you at risk of appliance damage or even an electrical fire.

Electrical panels are designed to run for about 25 years. However, it might not give peak results for that long, with issues like:

  1. The panel makes odd sounds
  2. Buzzing or humming from your light switches
  3. Lights flicker or cut out
  4. The electrical panel feels hot
  5. Zapping when you use the light switch

There are a lot more signs that your panel might need to be replaced, but those are some common ones. When it comes a time, you want a professional to recommend the best products.

An electrician from Turner On Services can also provide maintenance to extend your panel’s life. It all starts with an inspection, so call us today at 513-835-5149 and get started!

The Best Electrical Panel Replacement in Mainville, OH

Updated technology can offer a lot of benefits. With an upgraded panel, you could maximize the efficiency of your electrical service. Otherwise, your home might not be as secure as you deserve.

Even a home built 20 years ago could be outdated. The electrical needs weren’t the same, so a lot of them had fuse boxes installed. Unfortunately, those don’t cut it for most current homes.

Fuse boxes were meant for 100 amps, but you probably use twice that. While this doesn’t necessarily mean danger, it could mean you’re not getting the best use out of your electricity usage.

Overloaded fuse boxes can be the cause of an electrical fire or a short circuit. Lack of efficiency can also mean a higher electric bill each month. That can get expensive very fast.

An electrical panel replacement in Mainville, OH can save you money. It can also offer more circuits, which will spread out where the electricity goes and improve efficiency.

Considering that a new panel can cost around $4,000, you want the best. That’s what you’ll get with our experts! If you want help with size, circuits, and amps, call us today at 513-835-5149!