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Top Electrical Panel Replacement in Blanchester, OH

Most homes these days have countless electrical devices. With more plugs comes more of an electrical demand. It makes sense, then, that your electrical panel could be outdated or overloaded.

You might not think that your electrical panel is that old. In fact, they can last for 25 years or longer. However, that doesn’t mean they’re energy-efficient for that long. This can cause a lot of problems.

You might be paying more for electricity or wearing down your wiring as a result. Watch for these electrical signs:

  1. Flickering lights
  2. You get zapped by the light switch
  3. The outlet makes a buzzing sound when you turn your lights on
  4. Your electrical panel feels warm, even if you’re not touching it

Those are just a few of the easiest ways to spot trouble with your electrical panel. In any case, you need an electrician to make sure your home or business is safe.

We’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong and give you options to fix it. It could be that you need lighting services or a new electrical panel. Call 513-835-5149 today and schedule an inspection!

Fast Electrical Panel Replacement in Blanchester, OH

The modern era relies on technology and electricity more than ever before. That’s why your home might be outdated without you realizing it. Even 20 years ago, most homes didn’t need as much.

That’s why older housing could get by with a fuse box. These could handle as much as 100 amps, which was a lot back then. Unfortunately, you probably need 200 amps to function now.

While a fuse box could be safe, it’s better to have peace of mind. They can become overloaded easily and short-circuit. This can lead to an electrical fire or damaged appliances.

Most fuse boxes lack enough circuits to handle all of your needs. Of course, it could also be your service that’s the problem. The service is how many amps go into your home.

You might need an upgraded panel to work with your service, which is why we tend to do both at the same time. A panel can run up to $4,000, so you want a professional you can trust.

Keep in mind that amps, circuits, and panel size can all increase your home’s value, but they cost more. To get the best options and results, call us today at 513-835-5149 for an estimate!