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Top Electrical Panel Replacement in Anderson, OH

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that their electrical panel might be outdated. Your panel can get worn down over time and become less efficient, which affects a lot in your home.

They’re built to last about 25 years, but some fail early while others go longer. If your panel is bad, it can raise your electric bill, damage appliances, or cause a short circuit.

This is a concern, especially if your panel is at least 40 years old. Some signs that you should watch for are:

  1. Flickering lights in your home
  2. You get zapped when your turn on a light or notice an odd buzz or hum
  3. The electrical panel feels hot or makes unusual sounds

That’s not a full list of the issues, but you get the idea. Your electrical panel can act up and need to be replaced.

Even if nothing’s necessarily wrong, you can still get more from your panel with an upgrade. Whatever the reason, feel free to reach out to us today by calling 513-835-5149 for your free estimate!

Fast Electrical Panel Replacement in Anderson, OH

The requirements of electricity in a household have dramatically increased in the last 20 years. They’re gone way up since before that, too, which could mean you’re due for an upgrade.

Many older houses started with a fuse box and never updated. Fuse boxes were good then, but they were not built for the needs of a modern home. They can actually be dangerous to have.

By being less effective, you risk short circuits, overloaded circuits, or damaged appliances. Getting an electrical panel can also improve how our devices operate.

Keep in mind that a new electrical panel can be around $3- or $4,000. This can depend on the amps it can handle, the circuits it provides, how big the panel is, or what it takes to install.

We understand budgets, so we’ll recommend products with yours in mind. We’ll find out your ideal amps and circuits because we want you to get the most out of your electrical panel.

If you’re looking for an electrical panel replacement in Anderson, OH, you’ve come to the right place. Turner On Services is the best electrician, so don’t hesitate to call 513-835-5149 and get started!