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We Do Electrical Panel Replacement in Amelia, OH

If you’re a homeowner, you probably rely on your electrical panel more than you think. This appliance is responsible for powering pretty much everything in your home, so it’s important.

Unfortunately, age can affect your electrical panel. Whether it’s a loss of efficiency or not enough circuits, your panel can fail. While it should last around 25 years, it can have problems before that.

Any issue can extend to other devices, which can lead to expensive replacements. Watch for things around your home, like:

  1. Flickering lights
  2. Strange sounds from your panel
  3. A warm electrical panel
  4. The light switch makes a buzzing noise or zaps you
  5. Lights cut out without reason

That’s not the full list of possible issues, but it’s a start. Any sign can be a reason to call a professional. It could also just be a while since your last inspection, which means you could be missing out.

Newer technology with electrical panels offers a number of potential benefits. To find out more or if you notice anything wrong, call 513-835-5149 today to get your inspection!

Need Electrical Panel Replacement in Amelia, OH?

Technology is always changing, which means that your appliances can get outdated fast. That also means that your home might not be as safe or efficient as it once was.

When homes were being built 20 years ago, a lot of them had fuse boxes installed. A fuse box was designed for about 100 amps, but current houses use double that.

It’s not necessarily dangerous, but your fuse box could easily overload. This can end up short-circuiting and causing an electrical fire. It might also limit the electricity usage in your home.

The latter can affect your electric bill, and that adds up every month. An electrical panel replacement in Amelia, OH can increase the number of circuits and amps to improve your daily life.

You can spend less on electricity and make your devices run better. With the average panel being upwards of $4,000, our team will recommend the best product for your budget.

The cost boils down to amps, circuits, and size, usually. We’ll find a panel that fits your needs and gives you the best results. To get started with an inspection, call us at 513-835-5149 today!