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Quality Lighting Services in Loveland, OH

Lighting is essential to your home and, because of that, you have all kinds of fixtures to choose from. You can use it to make stairs safer or highlight a feature, so custom lighting can be great.

Here at Turner On Services, we want to help you bring out the best in your house and feel safer. Almost anything can be achieved with the right lighting and a professional electrician.

Whatever your goal is, we’ll incorporate your ideas into our design. You should be happy with the result, but we do more than design; We’ll install your lighting and light fixtures!

If you thought we were done, the list of our lighting services in Loveland, OH is far from over. Here are some of the services our customers ask for the most:

  1. Dimmer switches
  2. LED
  3. Motion-sensing lights
  4. Floodlights or strip lighting
  5. Recessed lights
  6. Installing chandaliers
  7. Lights in your cabinet

Whether you need a repair or replacement, those are just a handful of the options we offer. For professional lighting, call today at 513-835-5149 and get started with a free inspection and estimate!

Indoor Lighting Gallery

Something that often gets overlooked is exterior lighting. While lighting the inside of your home is important, outdoor lights can add all sorts of benefits. Interior controls are even more useful.

Outdoor lighting lets you use your patio or deck at night, but it can also act as a solid security measure. From deterring criminal activity to the safer railing, you should consider it.

There are clearly a lot of ways that lights outside your home can add to your security and livelihood. The most common external lighting we work with is:

  1. Post lighting
  2. LED
  3. Lighting your garden
  4. Security lights
  5. Floodlights
  6. Porch lights
  7. Motion-activated lighting
  8. Accent lighting
  9. Energy-efficient lights

Of course, lighting up your yard isn’t just about safety. If you like to host gatherings at night or want to have dinner outside as a family, outdoor lighting can be the perfect option.

What you might not know is that the voltage of your lighting affects brightness. By hiring a professional, you’ll get someone that knows how to accent your garden without blinding everyone.

Electrical Panel Replacement in Loveland, OH


Service & Panel Installation, Replacements, and Upgrades

Quality Electrical Panel Replacement in Loveland, OH

You might not have thought about your electrical panel in a while, but they’re affected by time like everything else. They usually last around 25 years, but it can vary.

Panels can need upgraded before or make it a few years after. If it’s been 40 years or more, though, you should let us take a look. The demand in the modern era of technology changes every year.

If you bought a previously owned house, you might not know how old the panel is. There are some key things to look out for:

  1. Your electrical panel is warm to the touch or sounds weird
  2. The lights in your home cut in and out or flicker
  3. Turning on the light switch shocks you or causes a buzzing sound

There are more ways to know, but these are top signs that you might need an electrical panel replacement in Loveland, OH.

From poor wiring to overloaded circuits, an outdated or overwhelmed panel is bad. For peace of mind and an efficient panel, give us a call at 513-835-5149 today!

Rapid Electrical Panel Replacement in Loveland, OH

Older homes were built for the time they lived in, but technology has come a long way since then. Most had fuse boxes put in that haven’t been changed out because it’s an afterthought.

However, your fuse box wasn’t meant for the amps of modern devices. By upgrading to an electrical panel, you can make your home more efficient and prevent dangerous shorts.

There are a few factors that influence the final cost of a new or upgraded panel. It could be anywhere between $3,000 and over $4,000 depending on your needs.

For example, the number of circuits and amps, the size and type of your panel, and the materials for installation affect the bottom line. We want you to get the best electrical panel for your home, though.

Because of that, Turner On Services will make sure you have quality results. Our staff is professional and experienced, so you can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

You want someone that knows about circuits and panels to get the most from your panel. To know that you’ll have the right amps and circuits you need, call us now at 513-835-5149!

General Electrical Troubleshooting in Loveland, OH


Turner On Services

Get a Pro Electrician in Loveland, OH

We live in a world where technology dominates homes more than ever. While this brings a lot of conveniences, it also creates a bigger problem when things go wrong with your electricity.

The bad news is that your electricity could go out anytime, but you don’t have to worry. Turner On Services has good news with an experienced team to keep things working.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong, so there’s a lot to watch out for. If you suspect your electrical appliances might have an issue or it’s just been a while, it’s time to call us!

We’re here to help with an inspection and estimate when you contact us at 513-835-5149, so don’t wait!

Know Your Electrician in Loveland, OH

One of the best ways to know you can trust a company is by checking reviews. You’ll see how happy our customers are, but you also might get a better idea of what your electrical issue is.

Of course, if you don’t there’s no reason to panic. We’re familiar with all kinds of electrical problems and offer an array of services for you to choose from:

  1. Outlet repair or replacement
  2. Recessed lighting
  3. Generator, outlets, or appliance repair and installation
  4. Installation of ceiling or attic fans
  5. Portable generators connected with transfer switches
  6. Emergency electrician
  7. Repairs or replacement of your electrical panel
  8. Wiring, installation, or repair of light fixtures
  9. Exterior security lighting installation
  10. Wiring or grounding electrical switches