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With the increasing reliance on electronic devices and smart home technology, safeguarding your home’s electrical system and valuable electronics from the damaging effects of power surges is more important than ever. Power surges can result from various sources, including lightning strikes, utility grid fluctuations, and the operation of large appliances. These unexpected bursts of energy can cause significant damage to electrical devices, shorten their lifespan, and even pose safety risks.

A whole-house surge protector serves as a crucial barrier, protecting your entire electrical system from the devastating effects of power surges. This comprehensive solution mitigates the potential damage to your appliances and electronics by redirecting excess voltage safely to the ground, preventing it from entering your home’s electrical system. With a whole-house surge protector, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their valuable assets are well-guarded against unforeseen electrical disruptions.

Understanding the Threat of Power Surges

  1. Causes of Power Surges: Power surges can originate from several sources, both internal and external to your home. External causes include utility grid changes, downed power lines, and lightning strikes. On the other hand, internal power surges can result from the operation of large appliances or electrical faults within your home’s wiring. Each of these factors can produce an abrupt spike in voltage, potentially damaging your electronics and appliances.
  2. Potential Damages: The consequences of power surges range from minor component wear and shortened device lifespans to severe damage, rendering devices inoperable. Additionally, power surges can increase the risk of electrical fires or create a hazardous environment for occupants.
  3. Costs: The financial impact of power surge damages can be substantial, especially when considering the replacement or repair of expensive electronic devices and appliances. Investing in a whole-house surge protector is a proactive measure to mitigate the potential costs of power surge-related damages.

Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Surge Protector

  1. Comprehensive Protection: A whole-house surge protector shields your entire electrical system, reducing the risk of damage to all connected devices, including HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, smart home technology, and entertainment systems. This comprehensive approach to surge protection ensures optimal defense from unforeseen electrical events.
  2. Extended Lifespans of Electronics and Appliances: By limiting the harmful effects of power surges, a whole-house surge protector can extend the lifespan of your valuable electronics and appliances. This not only saves homeowners money on replacement costs but also promotes a more eco-friendly approach by reducing electronic waste.
  3. Peace of Mind: Installing a whole-house surge protector offers homeowners peace of mind, knowing their valuable assets and home infrastructure are protected against the damaging effects of power surges. Confidence in the security of your home’s electrical system allows you to enjoy your living space without unnecessary worry or anxiety.

Professional Installation and Maintenance of Your Whole-House Surge Protector

  1. Expert Assessment: Collaborating with a licensed technician ensures a thorough examination of your home’s electrical infrastructure, enabling the selection of an appropriate whole-house surge protector based on your unique needs and circumstances.
  2. Proper Installation: A professional technician is equipped with the necessary training and expertise to install your whole-house surge protector according to the latest safety codes and guidelines. Proper installation is crucial, as improper setup can result in compromised protection and decreased efficiency.
  3. Ongoing Support: Working with a skilled technician means you have access to ongoing support for your whole-house surge protector. Regular inspections, maintenance, and any necessary updates can be performed by your technician, ensuring the continued performance and reliability of your surge protection system.

Additional Steps to Enhance Your Home’s Electrical Protection

  1. Point-of-Use Surge Protectors: While a whole-house surge protector is an excellent first line of defense, supplementing with point-of-use surge protectors offers additional protection for valuable electronics. Devices such as computers, televisions, and audio systems can benefit from the added layer of protection provided by these plug-in units.
  2. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): A UPS unit can protect sensitive electronic devices during power surges and prevent damage caused by sudden power outages. By offering a temporary source of power during a disruption, a UPS allows you to safely shut down computer systems or other delicate electronic equipment, avoiding potential damage or data loss.
  3. Regular Electrical Inspections: Schedule routine electrical inspections with a licensed technician to identify and address any potential risks within your home’s electrical system. By proactively addressing potential problems, you can maintain a safe and secure electrical environment for your family and belongings.


Protecting your home and valuable electronics from the threat of power surges is an essential element of maintaining a secure and worry-free living environment. With the installation of a whole-house surge protector and supplemental measures like point-of-use protectors and regular electrical inspections, homeowners can mitigate the risk of costly damages, extend the lifespan of devices, and enjoy peace of mind.

Trust our team of dedicated technicians at Turner On Electric to guide you through the process of safeguarding your home with a whole-house surge protector. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your most valuable assets are defended against the hazards of unexpected power surge events.

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